Covert Protection,
Clear Authentication.

Cryptoglyph is a digital security marking feature for packaging that is invisible to the naked eye, yet able to be easily verified simply by using a smartphone. It integrates seamlessly into any existing supply chain and doesn’t require any special equipment. This powerful combination makes Cryptoglyph the packaging protection solution with the best price to security ratio on the market.

Integrates into existing supply chains without costly modifications
The best price-to-security ratio available on the market
Easy authentication with any modern smartphone
Highly secure with 128 bit encryption
Covert brand protection invisible to the naked eye
Irreplicable and nearly impossible to remove
Industrially proven at large scale, securing billions of packages
ISO 9001 certification guarantees quality at every stage

Cryptoglyph integrates seamlessly into your supply chain.

The actual Cryptoglyph is a pseudo-random pattern of unreplicable micro dots (10 to 20 microns in diameter) or slightly larger micro holes (40-80 microns in diameter). Micro dots are digitally applied as a layer over a pre-existing packaging or label design throughout the entire surface before printing, while micro holes are integrated into an overprint varnish. The micro dots and holes are further camouflaged by the imperfections of a printed or coated material.

The Cryptoglyph is extremely difficult to discern, even with a microscope, so the actual packaging artwork doesn’t need to be changed in any way to accommodate this security feature. Furthermore, since the micro dots or micro holes can be printed using ordinary inks and varnishes, the same standard printing processes, production procedures, and suppliers can be used and no additional consumables are required.

AlpVision is serious when it comes to protecting brands and products, prides itself on its dedication to its clients, and is ISO9001 certified. A responsible and committed supplier is a critical part of any brand protection strategy and AlpVision is more than capable in this role. Willing to take all possible initiatives, whether technical or communication-related, so that products are secured quickly and painlessly, AlpVision truly places the customer first.


Proven, time and time again.

Cryptoglyph technology was invented by the founders of Alpvision in 1998. Since then, companies in many industries have made use of Cryptoglyph to secure their products, hundred of printers worldwide have printed packages embedded with the micro-dots of Cryptoglyph, and all in all billions of packages have been secured with the technology. The reason for adopting Cryptoglyph is simple: Cryptoglyph makes securing packaging simple. Cryptoglyph is extremely easy to deploy and is offered as an entirely customized turnkey solution.


Authenticate products using any modern smartphone. Easy, fast and reliable.

The Cryptoglyph is machine-readable using a basic smartphone. Using the camera functionality of the smartphone, users simply scan a product using the custom Cryptoglyph app. Once scanned, the app near instantaneously determines the authenticity of a product and displays the result on screen. If the product is genuine, the app will also display the printer and batch information encoded into the Cryptoglyph. Counterfeit checks can be carried out quickly, without reliance on any highly specialized detection equipment.

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