Billions of packages have been secured with Cryptoglyph technology, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco, wine, and spirits, watches, electromechanical parts, lubricants, watches, and documents. The Cryptoglyph technology is flexible and ensures protection of all kinds of packaging.

The Cryptoglyph is unable to be seen without high levels of magnification. This makes Cryptoglyph a form of covert brand protection. Cryptoglyph is highly secure and designed to defeat counterfeiters.
The pseudo-random pattern of micro dots that make up the Cryptoglyph are unreplicable. As the Cryptoglyph becomes camouflaged into the packaging, it is nearly impossible both to see with the naked eye and to remove.
Standard inks and printing processes are used to print the Cryptoglyph, so the technology to be quickly integrated into an already-existing supply chain. No costly modifications or new printing equipment necessary.
With Cryptoglyph, the need to invest in costly, specialized detection devices is eliminated. Instead, a smartphone is used for quick and easy product authentication.
Cryptoglyph has been time-tested and is proven to stop counterfeiters in their tracks. Billions of product packagings have been secured with Cryptoglyph, including many pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tobacco products, wines and other spirits, and oils and lubricants.
128 bit encryption, considered logically unbreakable, protects all sensitive information and safeguards the uniqueness and irreplicability of the Cryptoglyph.
Cryptoglyph has the best price-to-security ratio available on the market today. No more paying more for packaging protection, adding an irreplicable Cryptoglyph ends up costing less than a cent per package.
AlpVision takes security and its role as a supplier seriously. Therefore, AlpVision strives for continuous improvement and ensures that all products and processes conform to its ISO 9001 certification requirements at all times.

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