How it works


AlpVision Cryptoglyph, the key to packaging protection

Cryptoglyph is a covert security marking that is designed to be an easy to use, but extremely difficult to reproduce feature. The actual Cryptoglyph is a pseudo-random pattern of unreplicable micro dots (10 to 20 microns in diameter) or slightly larger micro holes (40 to 80 microns in diameter), depending on whether the Cryptoglyph is to be integrated into the printing or into an overprint varnish. These micro dots and micro holes are not only imperceivable to the naked eye, but also are further camouflaged by the imperfections of a printed or coated material.

The information needed to print the Cryptoglyph is stored in a digital image file. One can think of the dots of the Cryptoglyph file as a series of digital invisible watermarks. All the data specifying the arrangement of the Cryptoglyph is encrypted for security, preventing unauthorized access to the Cryptoglyph data.

The Cryptoglyph is unable to be seen without high levels of magnification. This makes Cryptoglyph a form of covert brand protection. Cryptoglyph is highly secure and designed to defeat counterfeiters.
The pseudo-random pattern of micro dots that make up the Cryptoglyph are unreplicable. As the Cryptoglyph becomes camouflaged into the packaging, it is nearly impossible both to see with the naked eye and to remove.
128 bit encryption, considered logically unbreakable, protects all sensitive information and safeguards the uniqueness and irreplicability of the Cryptoglyph.

Counterfeit deterrence without costly modifications or additional consumables.

Cryptoglyph provides all the benefits of covert security markings without all the usual added costs of security printing and special features. The visible packaging artwork doesn‘t need to be changed in any way to accommodate the Cryptoglyph. Furthermore, since the micro dots or micro holes can be printed using ordinary inks and varnishes, the same standard printing processes, production procedures, and suppliers can be used and no additional consumables are required. This makes Cryptoglyph highly adaptable and easy-to-scale, as well as extremely cost-effective. Cryptoglyph integrates seamlessly into any existing supply chain, making it non-intrusive not only on the packaging but throughout the entire printing process.


Have a smartphone? You have a Cryptoglyph detection device.

Despite its minuscule size, the resulting printed Cryptoglyph is machine readable. In addition, unlike most cover anti-counterfeit features available, no highly specialized equipment is required to detect a Cryptoglyph. In fact, a product protected with Cryptoglyph can be scanned and verified using a modern smartphone. Distinguishing authentic products from counterfeits has never been easier. Users simply install AlpVision’s custom product authentication application to their phones and are then able to verify products almost instantly.


Covert security via Cryptoglyph means more security for less money.

The powerful combination of covert security without requiring any additional consumables, production changes or adapted devices makes Cryptoglyph unique. Cryptoglyph has the best price-to-security ratio on the market. Pricing for Cryptoglyph is based on product volume and generally costs less than a cent per unit. All of AlpVision’s product authentication and counterfeit protection solutions are developed with your existing operations and facilities in mind, and customized to meet your unique anti-counterfeiting needs.


Industry-proven intelligent brand protection.

The power of Cryptoglyph has been proved across industries. Cryptoglyph protects pharmaceutical products, tobacco, wine and spirits, cosmetics, and lubricants, among other products. AlpVision is proud to have worldwide leading actors in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries among its customers.

The bottom line

Why Cryptoglyph?

AlpVision is serious about securing brands and packaging and prides itself on its dedication to its clients, with its ISO 9001 certification testament to this. Cryptoglyph technology has been protecting products for over twenty years. Billions of packages have been printed that contain the unique Cryptoglyph markings without a single false positive.

Cryptoglyph is extremely easy to implement, integrating seamlessly into existing supply chains, requiring no additional consumables or special detection devices, and allowing for authentication with any modern smartphone. Furthermore, Cryptoglyph is invisible to the naked eye, irreplicable, and nearly impossible to remove. It is also highly secure, with all sensitive information protected with 128 bit encryption. AlpVision is a responsible, thoughtful, and committed supplier, continually working hard to protect brands and products from the ever-evolving threats of counterfeiting. Cryptoglyph is one of the ways AlpVision achieves this.

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